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Family Collage Poster
Type: Crafts   Skills: Play & CreativitySocial & Emotional Skills
A family collage poster is made by each individual child to represent their loved ones. Each family poster will be on display, allowing every child to see the differences and similarities among themselves and their families. By being exposed to this, kids learn how to honor their family and embrace their uniqueness. And when they get homesick, they can view their family collage and learn how to develop coping skills. Family Collage Poster
What We Learn
Respect family differences and similarities
Embrace their own uniqueness
Coping skills
Supply List
Ask your kids to bring in pictures of people or things that mean something to them, such as photos of siblings, parents, pets and other family members. Make sure to notify families that the pictures will be cut and glued. As an option, recommend photocopying the pictures.
You’ll also need construction paper and glue sticks.
Have the child compose his or her collage and have them glue their pictures to the construction paper.

Ask the child to dictate descriptions of each person in the photos and write them under the pictures.

Once the collages are completed, hang the posters in a prominent place around the classroom. Discuss each collage with the group and encourage them to ask questions.
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