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Car Seat Safety
For Child Care providers
Type: For Child Care providers   Skills: Science & Environment
Did you know that four out of five parents donít buckle their car seats the proper way? They often forget about that middle buckle, which, if not fastened properly, could cause severe injuries in an accident. Car Seat Safety
What We Learn
Car seats have been designed to protect kids from injuries if involved in an accident. A car seat creates proper tension and restraint, so they wonít be projected from the car. But many kids still die unnecessarily because most kids arenít properly restrained or not buckled up at all.
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The Proper Way to Install a Car Seat:

Decide whether the child seat should be forward or rear-facing. Adjust the harness slots for the child in the proper location.

Read the instruction manual on the car seat and the vehicle. The labels will show where the proper belt pass is.

Determine what type of locking mechanism the seat needs. Put the seat in the desired position (front-facing or rear-facing) in the center of the rear seat.

Route the belt through the proper belt pass. Compress the seat cushion. Lock the seat in with the seat belt. Grab the seat at the belt pass and make sure that it is tight.

Once the seat is in tight, place the child in the seat and adjust the harness so that it isnít uncomfortable. Adjust the retainer clip and slide it up to be level with the childís armpit Ė not their navel.

A parent can take their car down to the local CHP or sheriff's office to make an appointment to have their seat inspected. The CHP offers free appointments. It takes only 20-30 minutes to check the seat.

Remember, any child care provider driving a child has to have a car seat for that child. The parent should leave their car seat with the provider. Itís the parentís and the providerís responsibility to keep kids safe.
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