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Gadget Painting
Type: Crafts   Skills: Physical & Motor SkillsPlay & Creativity
Gadget Painting is an art activity that you can do by using kitchen utensils that you will most likely already have around your house. Itís called gadget painting and itís basically putting paper down for the kids and giving them these utensils to dip in the paint and use these utensils to ďpaintĒ with instead of traditional tools, such as paint brushes. Gadget Painting
What We Learn
Kids can learn a lot from this activity. Infants can start seeing different colors and shapes in this art project. Toddlers will hear the names of the different utensils and gadgets that are being put out for them to use and start associating the new words with the objects. All of them will learn about color and explore how different colors mix and experiment mixing to create new colors. They will also be using their gross motor skills and of course, this open-ended activity is great to enhance and foster creativity.
Supply List
Drop Cloth
Butcher paper or newspapers or paper bags
Masking tape
Old kitchen utensils (such as spatula, whisk, wooden spoon, potato masher, sponge, brush cleaner, etc.)
Pie tins
Tempura paint
Do this activity outside, or if youíre doing it inside, make sure to put a drop cloth in place to protect your floor or table.

Place a large piece of butcher paper down which will serve as the canvas for the childrenís art project. Make sure to tape down the paper so it doesnít move around. If you donít have butcher paper, you always tape sheets of newspaper together, or you can cut up paper grocery bags and tape them together.

You can use a lot of old kitchen utensils you have that you no longer want to use in food preparation, such as wooden spoons, potato mashers, whisks, spatulas. But you can also use old sink brushes, sponges, small sink plungers and things like that. If you donít have any old throw away items to use, you can find them all at 99-cent stores.

Place tie-pins around the art area and pour different color tempura paints into the pie tins. Put all the kitchen utensils in a bucket and place the bucket in a central area where all the kids can reach.

Finally, allow children to choose what they want to paint with and allow them to have fun creating their painting together.
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