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Pillow Punching
Type: Exercise   Skills: Play & CreativitySocial & Emotional Skills
A simple activity, such as allowing kids to punch a pillow, can be a great way kids to begin learning self-regulation and how to calm themselves down. Pillow Punching
What We Learn
Appropriate ways to express negative feelings
Understanding of limits
Supply List
Large throw pillow or used couch cushions
Pillow case
First, take a pillow and put it in a pillow case. It doesnít need to be a bed pillow, it can be a throw pillow or a used couch cushion.

Use rope to tie a knot around a corner of the pillow case. Use the rest of the rope to hang the pillow outside from a branch on a tree. You can also do this activity inside by simply hanging the pillow from a plant hook in the ceiling or from the door jam.

Next, instruct the children on their limits in this activity. The pillow is the only thing that they are allowed to punch. This gives them a clearly defined space for punching.

Finally, allow each child, one at a time, to take out their aggression by punching the pillow. Let each child hit the pillow as long as they need to, without setting any time limits.

Remember, the idea of letting children get their frustrations out physically is good in moderation, however, it is not, in and of itself, the solution to stopping bullying behavior. After the children have been allowed to punch the pillow, there needs to be a discussion about the the respect we need to have for otherís feelings with our actions and words.
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