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Sticky Experiences
Type: Games   Skills: Physical & Motor SkillsSocial & Emotional Skills
Today’s activity is Sticky Experiences – it’s something that’s fun and exciting for children, especially when they’re upset. Since kids are always told not to play with sticky things, allowing them to do it helps them relax and calm down. Sticky Experiences
What We Learn
Tactile - sensory awareness
Supply List
Roll of clear contact paper
Roll of clear packing tape
First, unroll contact paper in two feet sheets on the floor. Next, using clear packing tape, secure the contact paper onto the floor with the sticky side of the contact paper facing up.

Finally, have children take off their shoes and socks and walk across the contact paper. You can also tape the contact paper to a table and simply have children touch the contact paper with their hands. In addition to contact paper, you can also make available different types of sticky sources, such as masking tape and scotch tape, so children can compare their qualities.

While the kids are walking or touching the contact paper, ask them open-ended questions about what they feel. Have them use words to describe stickiness so they develop their language skills.

This activity can work for infants who are semi-mobile and mobile. By placing the infants near the sticky experience on the floor or on a wall then the infants can experiment with the contact paper and its attributes. This activity can also be fun and inviting to older children.

This is an important activity to offer to children with developmental differences, but it should be offered gradually. Children with sensory deficiencies also need this type of activity, but it should be done only when with the approval of their occupational therapist or parents.
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