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Shaving Cream Art
Type: Outdoor   Skills: Language & LiteracyPhysical & Motor SkillsPlay & Creativity
Todayís activity is called Shaving Cream Art. Itís not only a great learning activity for kids, but also a project that kids can take home to show their parents. By bringing their work home, parents can learn what their kids are doing at the child care. Shaving Cream Art
What We Learn
Gross motor skills
Language development
Supply List
Paper or cardstock
Shaving cream (non-mentholated)
Food coloring with eye droppers
Pie tins
You can do this activity outdoors, but if youíre doing it inside, you may want to lay down a drop cloth to protect your floor and a tablecloth to protect your table.

Prepare for the activity by placing an aluminum pie tin in front of each child. Give each child a blank piece of white paper or cardstock. Since the paper is going to get wet, cardstock tends to work better.

Instruct the kids to place their piece of cardstock at the bottom of their pie tin. Have them use a can of shaving cream to cover their piece of cardstock with foam. (You may need to spray the foam for the young children.) Make sure the can of shaving cream is non-mentholated, so if any shaving cream gets in their eye, it wonít sting. If young ones are participating in the activity, watch out for them. They may want to put the foam in their mouth. While it wonít harm them, itís not advisable.

Have the children take eye droppers of different colors of food coloring and squeeze drops onto their shaving cream. Once they have squeezed different food coloring on their shaving cream, have them use their hands to start spreading the shaving cream around their piece of cardstock. After a little while, the food coloring combined with the shaving cream will begin to seep into the paper, creating a marble effect.

Once the desired effect has been reached, brush off the extra shaving cream and let the paper or cardstock air dry. After it has dried, the marbleized paper can be the finished artwork, or it can be just the beginning of a continuing project. Kids can use the marble paper as their canvas to create additional artwork. Perhaps they can make a greeting card or they can attach a photo to it with the marble paper framing it.
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