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Pounding Activities
Type: Projects   Skills: Health & SafetySocial & Emotional Skills
This activity is great to redirect children ages 3 and under when you see that they are escalating into aggressive behavior. Itís a pounding activity where they get to use hammers and hit at something that will help them get out their aggression. Pounding Activities
What We Learn
Release energy
Fine motor skills
Hand-eye coordination
Supply List
Styrofoam blocks
Golf tees
Plastic or wooden hammers
There are pounding activities available for purchase at many retail stores, but hereís an easy, cost-efficient way to create your own.

First, gather some styrofoam blocks that you may have at home. You can usually find them in boxes of electronic merchandise. You can also ask parents to bring in any styrofoam they have. If you still donít have enough styrofoam, you can purchase pieces of it from craft stores.

Give each child his or her own piece of styrofoam. Set out a bunch of plastic or wooden golf tees. Demonstrate for the children how they can pound a golf tee into the styrofoam using a plastic or wooden hammer, just as if it were a nail going into a piece of wood.

Once the children have pounded several tees into their styrofoam, instruct them to pull out the golf tees and start over again. You can provide safety goggles for the children to wear. Wearing them might make them feel like professional carpenters or construction workers.
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