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Homemade Masks
Type: Crafts   Skills: Language & LiteracyPlay & Creativity
In this activity, kids will learn how to create their own homemade masks. It’s a great activity for 3-to-4 year-olds because kids at this age love dramatic play. Making and playing with the masks allows them to be creative and engage in pretend play. Homemade Masks
What We Learn
Language development
Supply List
Paper plates
Cotton balls
Pipe cleaners
Rubber Bands
Find a few paper plates. Use the flimsy, bendable kind made out of paper – not the rigid, hard type made of Styrofoam or plastic.

On the back side of the plate, lightly draw where you’re going to cut openings for eyes, nose and mouth. Then use scissors to cut out those holes. Make sure not to leave any sharp edges.

Use scissors (or a hole-puncher) to make two small holes, positioned where the ears might be on the mask. Place one end of a rubber band through this hole and loop it around so it fastens around itself. Repeat for the other hole.

Cut two pieces of ribbon about a foot long. Tie each ribbon to the rubber band hooks you just looped through. Kids will use the ribbons to tie the masks on when wearing them. The rubber bands enable a snug fit, while allowing for some elasticity so the paper plates don’t easily tear.

Make a few different masks cut into different shapes or expressions. The masks don’t all have to be the same size or design. Lay out the paper plate masks for your children to see. Finally let them each choose a mask that they then will get to decorate and wear as their own.

Provide crayons and markers so the children can color their masks. You can also provide glue along with decorative accessories, such as ribbon, yarn, feathers, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, and various pieces of cloth so they can add to their creations. As the children are decorating their masks, ask them open-ended questions about what they are creating.

The children may want to make their mask into a superhero or an animal mask or some sort of abstract creation. Once they’re finished with their mask, help tie it on for them and let them use the masks to engage in dramatic play.
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