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Lacing-Up Activity
Type: Exercise   Skills: Physical & Motor SkillsSocial & Emotional Skills
In this activity, kids will learn a dressing-related activity that kids can do on their own. For older children ages 3 to 5, the most important self-reliance is the skill to dress on your own. Lacing-Up Activity
What We Learn


Fine motor skills
Supply List
Hole puncher
Clothes with buttons and zippers
Take a piece of cardboard and make holes around the edge of the cardboard with a hole puncher. If you want, you can even cut the cardboard into interesting shapes (such as a shoe) and use a marker to decorate it like a shoe.

Give your child the cardboard and a shoelace and show him or her how they can thread the shoelace through the holes in the cardboard. Then have them begin threading the shoelace through each of the holes in the cardboard.

If you donít have extra shoelaces, you can use yarn. Make sure that you tape the ends of the yarn so that itís easier to thread it through the holes.

In addition to practicing their lacing skills, children will want to develop other dressing-related skills. Gather old clothes which have all sorts of different fasteners Ė regular buttons, snap buttons, zippers, etc.

Let the children practice buttoning and zipping the shirts and jackets on their own.
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