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Scrapbooks and Poster Collages
Type: Crafts   Skills: Play & CreativitySocial & Emotional Skills
Children are able to express so much through art. Changes in family structures present great opportunities for kids to include new family members in scrapbooks and poster collages. Scrapbooks and Poster Collages
What We Learn
Diversity of families
Supply List
Safety scissors
Clear packing tape
Construction paper
To create a family poster collage or scrapbook, first encourage your child to select photos he or she would like to include in their collage. Encourage them to choose a variety of pictures representing the new family dynamic that the child is in, as well as pictures from the child's original family structure.

Next, have them cut out and paste the photos to a poster or a piece of cardboard to create their family collage.

To preserve the collage, you can use clear plastic packing tape to "laminate" the collage poster and make it more permanent.

As an alternative, your child can create a scrapbook. Have your child glue or tape the photos to various pages of construction paper. Then you can staple the pages together or bind them by punching holes in the side and threading yarn through sides.

When the child has finished their collage or scrapbook, ask him or her open-ended questions about the people featured in the photos. The poster collage or scrapbook is a wonderful tool for the child to be able to look through and say, "This is my family here, and this is also my family."
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