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In this activity, you'll learn how to create a simple megaphone which can be a great way to help develop your child's language skills. Babies and toddlers need lots of opportunities to hear language, to make sounds and to have someone respond to those sounds. Megaphones
What We Learn
Language development
Hand-eye coordination
Voice usage
Supply List
Paper towel rolls
Construction paper
Clear packing tape
Masking tape
First, find an empty cardboard paper towel roll. Then decorate the paper towel roll with construction paper and markers. And finally, cover the outside with clear packing tape to make the megaphone more durable.

Model the use of the megaphone for the child by speaking or singing through one end of the megaphone. Playing with the megaphone really invites infants and toddlers to use their voice. That's why it's such a fun activity, because once you put your mouth up to it and begin speaking, kids become interested, and they want to hear the sounds of their voices.
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