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Behavior Log
For Child Care providers
Type: For Child Care providers   Skills: Critical ThinkingSocial & Emotional Skills
In this activity, you'll learn how a behavior log provides a consistent way for parents and providers to communicate with one another. Through the notebook, the adults in the child's circle of care can come to an agreement about how to manage the child's behavior. It can really help adults focus on getting on the same page. Behavior Log
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Pen or pencil
When you and your care providers have different expectations for your child's behavior, your child may not have a clear idea of what is acceptable and what is not. It's crucial for your child to hear consistent messages from you and all of the people in the circle of care.

Writing down a child's behavior in a log can help you and your provider be more consistent in how you respond to your child's behavior. To create a behavior log, all you really need is a spiral bound notebook and a pen or pencil.

The child must not know that the notebook exists. The behavior log is solely for the adults in his circle of care to use and write in. Once you've discussed and identified the types of recurring behavior that you wish to evaluate, everyone in the child's circle of care should use the log to document incidents of that behavior.

When you write in the notebook, remember to include the date and time of the behavior. Use an A-B-C analysis of the child's behavior:

A - Antecedent - What happened before the behavior?
B - Behavior - What was the behavior during the action?
C - Consequence - What was done afterward? How did the adult respond to the child's behavior?

Write the ABC analysis of the behavior in the notebook so that everyone who cares for the child can see and agree on how to handle the behavior. All the adults in the circle of care must constantly communicate with one another to ensure consistency. Everyone needs to agree on how to manage the behavior. Once everyone agrees on how to manage the child's behavior, everyone must also make sure to follow-through with the agreed-upon consequences.
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