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Sibling Posters
Type: Crafts   Skills: Language & LiteracySocial & Emotional Skills
Although sibling rivalry is inevitable and normal this creative activity can help you promote peace in your household by reminding kids of what they actually like about each other. Sibling Posters
What We Learn
Relationship building
Expressive language
Positive self-regard
Supply List
Poster board
Photo of each sibling
3 x 5 index cards
Tape or Glue
Begin a discussion with the children in your family. Ask them what they like about each one of their brothers and sisters.

Write down each of their positive comments about their brothers and sisters onto separate index cards.

Take a blank poster board and paste a photo of each child in the center of the poster.

Have the kids help tape or glue their positive comments around the poster. Each index card refers to a positive quality that a sibling feels about that child.

Place the poster in a prominent place so the kids are reminded every day of the many things that they like about their brothers and sisters.
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