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Adoption Storybook
Type: Crafts   Skills: Language & LiteracyPlay & CreativitySocial & Emotional Skills
Adoptive parents should talk openly and honestly with their kids about the fact that they’re adopted, but they should do so in an age-appropriate way. Children love hearing stories about themselves, and this storybook activity can be a wonderful way to make the experience of adoption more concrete for them. Adoption Storybook
What We Learn
Attachment and bonding
Supply List
Construction paper
Hole puncher
Yarn or brass braids
A personalized adoption storybook should be something that parents make before introducing it to their child. The point is to present their child with a personal storybook as if it’s a regular book that they have in their book collection. Together, you can sit and read through the book, ideally as often as the child wants to.

If you’ve adopted an older child, cut and glue pictures from the child’s previous home or life, if you have access to them. If you don’t have photos available, you can draw pictures on blank white paper. Glue or tape the drawings onto construction paper.

If you’ve adopted a baby, you can use drawings throughout the whole book, or combine drawings with recent or current photos of you and your child.

Write a storyline according to each picture or drawing that tells how the child came to be a part of your family, and make it sound like a story that they would commonly hear, such as beginning with “Once upon a time…” and ending the story with “They lived happily ever after.”

Punch holes along one side of the pages. Attach the pages together using yarn or other fasteners, such as brass braids.

Finally, read the personalized storybook with your child and talk about where he or she came from. You can begin reading this storybook to children as soon as they become a part of your family. That way, your children will always know where they came from and how they came to be in your home and a part of your loving family.
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