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Puppet Show
Type: Crafts   Skills: Language & LiteracyPhysical & Motor SkillsPlay & Creativity
While television and the internet can provide great educational opportunities for children, viewing of inappropriate content and excessive viewing in general can contribute to poor grades in school, sleep and behavioral problems, obesity and risky behavior as a child grows older. By creating a puppet show based on your child’s favorite television show or internet character, you can expand your child’s imagination and provide a learning opportunity. Puppet Show
What We Learn
Language skills
Gross motor skills
Supply List
Popsicle sticks
Paper plates
Paper bags
Wiggly eyes
Safety scissors
Construction paper
Masking tape
Making puppets based on your child's favorite Internet character or TV character can give another dimension to what the child is seeing on television. First, ask your kids what characters they’d like to make puppets of.

Next, make your puppet. You can use many different materials to make the base of your puppet– socks, gloves, popsicle sticks, paper plates, or paper bags.

Simply use markers, glue and other decorative items in order to make your puppet. You can glue on wiggly eyes, small pieces of felt or construction paper, and yarn for the hair. Really, the only limit is your child’s imagination!

You can also create a stage for your puppet show. Remove the lid from a cardboard shoe box and cut off the back part. You can even add a curtain to your puppet stage. Simply cut some fabric or felt and glue or tape it over the front of your stage area.

Once your puppet and stage area is complete, the puppet show can begin. The time spent while your making the puppets is a learning opportunity, and so is the time your children are playing with the puppets. So remember to engage your children in plenty of discussion by asking open-ended questions.
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