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Paper Bags and Boxes
Type: Crafts   Skills: Play & CreativitySocial & Emotional Skills
With parents having more hectic schedules and planning so many structured activities for their children, kids are having less free time to just play and simply “be kids.” In this activity, you’ll learn how simple cardboard boxes and paper bags can be turned into great tools to foster imaginative play. Paper Bags and Boxes
What We Learn
Imagination skills
Supply List
Brown paper bags
Construction paper
Simple boxes and brown paper bags can be made into a variety of playthings for kids.

With cardboard boxes, you can create all sorts of opportunities for dramatic play by transforming those boxes into a kitchen, a train, or a puppet show. For instance, to create a simple train set, simply find a few small cardboard boxes, such as Kleenex tissue boxes. Have your kids decorate the boxes to look like train cars using construction paper, glue and markers. Then simply poke a small hole in the front and back of each train car and tie the train cars together with a piece of yarn.

Simple brown paper grocery bags can be transformed into vests, superhero costumes and more. Take a brown paper bag and cut out hole along the bottom of the bag large enough for your child’s head to fit through. Also cut holes in the sides of the bags for your child’s arms. To make the bag a little easier to get in and out of, cut a slit along the backside of the bag.

Provide construction paper, glue and magic markers and allow your children to transform their bag into a vest, costume or superhero outfit of their choosing.

When the children have finished creating their outfits, follow their lead and let the children play. Remember, unstructured playtime is not only healthy but essential for kids to reach important social, emotional, and developmental milestones. Unstructured play also helps kids better manage stress and become resilient.
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