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Storytelling is an inventive way to encourage your child’s speech and language development. In this activity, learn how you and your children can create a storyboard for a story which they make up. Storyboard
What We Learn
Language development
Phonemic awareness
Critical thinking
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Poster board
Before starting your storyboard, have your kids cut out lots of interesting images from magazines. They’ll use those images later in their story.

You can use poster board – or butcher paper or brown paper bags – to create your storyboard. Have several extra pieces of poster board or paper available for the kids’ story.

Use a marker to begin the story by writing on your poster board “Once upon a time.” Then encourage your children to take the story from there.

Have them choose one of the images they have already cut out to be the first element of their story. Perhaps it’s the setting of the story or it’s their main character of their story.

Glue the image onto the poster board and write down what children have said happens next in their story. Continue having children make up their original story, selecting images for you to glue onto the poster board.

When your kids have finished their story, go back to the beginning and read it out loud together with them.
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