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Homemade Piggy Banks
Type: Crafts   Skills: Critical ThinkingLanguage & LiteracyMath & Numbers
Teaching your kids to be financially responsible, even at a young age, can help them make better choices in the future with their money as they grow up. In this activity, you’ll learn how you and your child can make a piggy bank from items you have in your home. Homemade Piggy Banks
What We Learn
Financial awareness
Supply List
Plastic container or shoe box
Construction paper
Simply find an empty container to use for your piggy bank. The container could be a cookie tin, a shoe box, a plastic soda liter, etc.

Cut a slot in the top large enough for both coins and dollar bills to be placed inside the piggy bank.

Then use construction paper, glue, markers, and stickers to decorate the outside of your piggy bank.

Once you’ve created the piggy bank with your child, be sure to discuss with your child about money and how your child can use a piggy bank to save money.
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