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Child Care Provider of the Week
Child Care Provider of the Week
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Sheila & Phillip Wright Sheila and Phillip Wright divide their responsibilities in the home-based family child care that they have run since 1997.
Tracey Abston Tracey Abston prides herself in providing a home away from home. This San Diego resident is truly passionate about making every child feel special and unique in a well-rounded environment. Tracey has spent a great deal of time educating and improving he
Marsha Ahrens Whether it’s singing playful songs or starting each day with morning hugs, child care provider Marsha Ahrens makes sure that each and every child in her care feels special, respected, and loved.
Grace Alams Seattle, Washington, is home to one very inspiring resident named Grace Alams, who has been a child-care provider there for 11 years. Grace, who is originally from Nigeria, Africa, got her start in child care as a way to make a living while caring for he
Pat Alexander Taking care of children has been a way of life for Pat Alexander ever since she was a teenager working as a nanny. After opening her own child care, Pat has turned her home into a creative environment for toddlers. She wants them to experience a variety
Martha Alvarez Every interaction and every activity of these adults with their charges provide valuable opportunities to help children learn and grow.
J'lane and Daniel Zamora In south central New Mexico lies the rural town of Carrizozo. It’s a small community which houses a little over one thousand residents, including child care providers Daniel and J’lane Zamora. Daniel tirelessly travels down these open roads five days a
Jeanette and Pat Witz Northern California childcare providers Jeanette and Pat Witz are known for turning their home-based program into an active, creative, and exciting animal adventure for preschoolers.
Elena and Raoul San Martin Becoming a grandparent for the first time is an unexplainable joy – especially for Elena and Raoul San Martin. This San Diego couple says caring for granddaughter has changed their lives. Elena and Raoul started caring for Samira after their daughter, K
Olga Anderson Olga Anderson's philosophy is that if children are excited about what they’re doing, they’ll learn naturally.
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