A Place of Our Own
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A glossary of terms and abbreviations to help you better understand and utilize the information presented on A Place Of Our Own.
C C R & R - Child Care Resource and Referral. These are agencies focused on providing referral services to parents and others looking for child care arrangements. These agencies also commonly administer child care subsidy programs. (See also R & R)
Center-based child care - Group child care provided in a facility operating on a regular basis and offering care for children from infants to school-age children.
Challenging behavior - Behavior such as biting or temper tantrums that is often difficult to handle
Child Care provider - Anyone "providing" child care services (i.e., child care centers, family child care homes, school-age child care programs, nannies)
Child care provided in a private residence which operates on a regular basis and offers care for children - Child care provided in a private residence which operates on a regular basis and offers care for children
Chronic illness - An illness that may develop slowly, go undetected for years, often of lifelong duration, and seldom cured. Chronic illnesses can often be controlled through diet, exercise and medication. Common chronic illnesses affecting children are asthma, juvenile arthritis, diabetes, epilepsy, sickle cell disease, cystic fibrosis, cancer, AIDS/HIV.
Classify - To put things or events in groups on the basis of what they have in common
Closed questions - A question for which there is only one right answer
Cognitive development - Development of the expanding ability to think and reason
Communication - The act of expressing and sharing ideas, desires, and feelings
Competence - The ability to do something well
Concept - An idea that combines details or several other ideas in an organized way
Concrete - Relating to real objects
Consequence - The natural or logical result of a behavior
Contingency plan - A plan, posted where parents can see it, designating who will serve as a backup when a provider is unable to care for children and the procedures to be followed in such a situation
Contract - A written agreement between two or more individuals that describes policies/procedures and defines individual responsibilities
Cooperative play - The type of play that typically begins in the preschool years. Children play together in a group that they organize and control. The group has a specific purpose, such as making something, playing a game, or acting out a real-life or fantasy situation.
Creativity - An attitude or way of looking at things that involves being willing to try out new ways of doing something and realizing that there is more than one way to solve a problem

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