A Place of Our Own
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A glossary of terms and abbreviations to help you better understand and utilize the information presented on A Place Of Our Own.
Language - A system of words and rules for their use in speaking, reading, and writing
Language disorder - Inability or difficulty in understanding, processing or expressing language
Language skills - Mastery of rules governing the sequence of words into sentences and the forms of words (syntax and morphology), vocabulary, as well as the effective use of language (pragmatics)
Learning Environment - The complete makeup of the parts of the home or center and outdoors used for caring for children. The learning environment includes the space and how it is arranged and furnished, routines, materials and equipment, planned and unplanned activities, and the people who are present.
Letter recognition - Ability to identify a letter either by its name or the sound it makes. Due to the arbitrary nature of the English alphabet, this is not an easy task for young children.
License for child care - Requirements for licensing are determined by each state. In California the Department of Social Services requires individuals who care for children from more than one other family, not their own, to obtain a license. a license for child care. Child Care providers are required to meet health and safety standards. (Knowledge of child development or curriculum is not required.)
Limits and rules - Guidelines set by providers, sometimes with children's help, as to what is acceptable behavior
Literacy - The ability to read and write with proficiency

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