A Place of Our Own
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A glossary of terms and abbreviations to help you better understand and utilize the information presented on A Place Of Our Own.
Temperament - The nature or disposition of a child; the way a child responds to and interacts with people, materials, and situations in his or her world
Time out - A consequence for unacceptable behavior in which the child is removed from the group or activity to a quiet place for a short period of time. (There is controversy about the appropriateness or effectiveness of this approach in particular situations.)
Toddler - Generally the second year of life (i.e., from 12-24 months), or the time period beginning when a child begins walking ("toddling") and becoming a 2-year-old
Transition - Moving or preparing to move from one activity to another
Trust - The stage when infants develop deep feelings of comfort and confidence because their basic needs are met promptly, consistently, and lovingly

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