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Parent-Provider Partnerships & Week in Review

Dear Debi,
What can parents and providers do to improve communication with one another?
Debi's Tips
Debi Gutierrez
Debi Gutierrez
  • Discuss issues such as sick child policy, sleeping time, discipline, and eating
  • Share information about the child's experiences
  • Make parents feel valued and respected
  • Try to communicate face-to-face
  • Parents should be clear about expectations from providers
Week in Review
Don't forget about the great things that we learned this week:
Child Care Provider Comments
Darlene Patterson
Darlene Patterson
Family child care provider for 22 years and mother of three
With the parents at my center, we have actually become friends so that we can talk about anything. Our main concern is the kids. I don't worry about offending the parents.

I have two main concerns when it comes to communication between parents and child care providers. First, parents should make sure to talk to their providers about the sick policy. It's very important that they talk about this information because different providers have different policies. Because they care for many children, they have to take into consideration the health of the other children as well.

Second, providers should make the terms of payment very clear, and parents should make sure they understand and can abide by those terms. As child care providers, we care very much for the kids we care for, but we're still running a business and both parties should be professional about it.

It's important that both parents and providers are on the same page because we need to remember that it's all about the children. The goal of parents and their children's providers should be the well-being of the children. The less the misunderstandings, the better off everyone will be.
Michelle Kimbrough
Michelle Kimbrough
Mother of two
One of the things that parents and providers should discuss is children's sleep time. You should both agree on how much sleep your child should have. What they eat and don't eat at the daycare should also be discussed.

Also, parents and providers should be on the same page regarding discipline at home and at the center. The rules at the center should be reinforced at home. This will help to manage their behavior at home. Children need consistency.

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