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Social & Emotional Development : Index
Learning about Emotions
Children who feel good about themselves and who get along well with others are much more likely to succeed in school and in life than those who are emotionally disconnected, lack self-esteem, or who do not know how to interact with others. Choose from the list of episodes below on "Social and Emotional Development" to explore expert advice, featured video and activities from A Place of Our Own.

Valuing Diversity
Child of a Different Language
Culture & Child-Rearing
Family Differences
Global Citizenship
Integrating a Child Who Speaks a Different Language
Supporting the English Learner
Teaching Diversity
Emotional Development
Attachment & Bonding
Building Self-Esteem
Coping with Economic Insecurity
Coping with Military Deployment
Coping with Traumatic Events
Divorce & Separation
Emotional Literacy
Helping a Shy Child Make Friends
Helping Your Child Through a Loss
How Your Words Can Affect Your Children
Identify and Express Emotions
Managing Anxiety
Nurturing Consistent Relationships
Promoting Resilience
Saying Goodbye
Separation Anxiety II
Stress & Brain Development
Positive Discipline
How to Discourage Whining
Managing Aggressive Behavior
Positive Discipline
Positive Discipline
Dads and Breastfeeding
Getting Kids to Share
Learning to Share
A Man in Your Child's Life
Caring For Boys Versus Girls
Cross-Over Play
Importance of Dads in Children’s Lives
Getting Along with Others
Bringing a Pet into Your Child’s Life, Plus Week in Review
Bullying Behavior
Competitive Games, Plus Week in Review
Competitive Games, Plus Week in Review
Conflict Resolution
Discipline & Temperament
Encouraging Cooperative Behavior
Encouraging Friendships
Handling Stressful Situations, Plus Week in Review
Handling Stressful Situations, Plus Week in Review
Helping a Child Who’s Being Picked On
Impulsive Behavior
Managing Blended Families
Managing Disruptive Behavior
Managing Severely Challenging Behavior
Nurturing Early Social Skills
Preparing Siblings for a New Baby
Responding to Bullying
Sibling Rivalry
Social Development
Temperament in Babies & Toddlers
Why Social Skills Matter
Nurturing Environments
Calming a Cranky Baby
Encouraging Honesty in Your Child
Getting Your Child to Give Up Their Pacifier, Plus Week in Review
Getting Your Child to Give Up Their Pacifier, Plus Week in Review
Grandparents Raising Kids
How to Calm a Cranky Toddler & Week in Review
How to Calm a Cranky Toddler & Week in Review
How to Talk with Kids
Interactive Language & Open-Ended Questions
Learning Through Everyday Activities
Self-Help Skills
Supportive Interactions
Touch Matters
Using Praise & Encouragement Effectively

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